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Artist crafts feline tributes to pop culture

Image: KittyCassandra

It’s a cat’s cat’s cat’s world, and KittyCassandra fucking gets it. Seattle-based artist and writer Cassie Graus designed a series of art prints that reimagine film and television characters as cats. In addition to her most excellent artistry, Graus also has impeccable cat pun skills. Stranger Things becomes Mangier Things; Broad City becomes Paw’d City; Mad Max: Fury Road becomes Mad Max: Furry Road—you get it. The feline version of Immortan Joe is low-key adorable, by the way. And the Abbi and Ilana cats uncannily capture their likenesses. There’s even Orphan Cat, which features the same cat over and over in different clothes and wigs just like the chameleonic Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black. Here are a few requests for fur-ture works of art from KittyCassandra: Catlander, Cat-ish, Another Purriod, The Good Cat, Grey’s Acatomy… We could do this all day.


[via Laughing Squid]

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