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Arrow’s new Black Canary is also really into leather

As Dan Savage tells us all the time, people can’t control their fetishes. At some point, often in early adolescence, some switch got flipped in their reptile brains, and once that switch is flipped, there is no unflipping it. And many people also spend their early adolescence reading comics, so it stands to reason that the two aesthetics would become entangled from time to time.

So there is no judgement—merely a saucy wink—when we say that, seeing the first official images of Katie Cassidy in her Black Canary costume from the CW’s Arrow, our first thought was: Was there a going-out-of-business sale at Lulu’s Leather Dungeon or what?


Of course, Black Canary’s always been a leather fan, even on Arrow—Cassidy’s character Laurel Lance is actually the show’s second Black Canary, her fictional sister Sara (Caity Lotz) having been killed in the season three premiere. We’re glad to see that Laurel shares her sister’s penchant for sensible footwear, because running in heels is actually quite difficult, no matter what Angelina Jolie would have you believe.

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