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Illustration for article titled iArrow/i adds iEnlisted/i’s Parker Young as a new love interest (for Thea)

For all of its cool costumes, Hawkmen, possible crossovers, weirdly spelled villain names, and Baron Blitzkriegs, The CW’s Arrow is still a CW show, and that means it has to have one thing: relationship drama. Early on, Arrow relied pretty heavily on the inherent problems that come with keeping secrets from the people you care about—whether they’re your family, your best friend, or the woman you used to date until you took her sister on a sex cruise that resulted in her death (temporarily). Over the last few seasons, though, pretty much everyone on the show who isn’t a superhero has either died or become a superhero, so most of the reliable drama-causing secrets are out in the open.


The show’s only recourse, then, is to bring in some new, oblivious blood, and according to TVLine, that’s exactly what Arrow plans to do. For the show’s upcoming fourth season, Arrow’s producers have hired Enlisted’s Parker Young to play Alex Davis, a new love interest for Oliver Queen’s sister, Thea—who recently became a superhero herself. Interestingly, based on an earlier TVLine report, it sounds like Alex Davis will be “a political consultant” who is working for Oliver, which means the show might follow through on a storyline from the comics a few years ago in which he became the mayor of his city—while still fighting crime as the Green Arrow at night, of course.

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