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Arrow adds a new old love interest for Oliver Queen


Just one day after we reported that his little sister will be getting a new beau to help her forget about Colton Haynes’ Parkour Boy, Entertainment Weekly says that Arrow’s Oliver Queen will also be getting a new love interest in the show’s upcoming fourth season. But don’t start sending hate-filled messages to anyone on Twitter yet, shippers, because this is going to be another flashback love interest that Oliver never felt the need to mention until now. On the one hand, you’d think his friends in the superhero community would make him tell them about everything he did in his flashback adventures just in case any of it is relevant to their present adventures (especially since it often is), but on the other hand, it’s hard to blame someone for not wanting to talk about every girl, psychotic one-eyed super soldier, and deadly nerve gas they ran into in the last five years.

Anyway, this new (old) girlfriend will be played by Elysia Rotaru (Supernatural and, uh, Stan Helsing), and Entertainment Weekly says that any specific details about her character “are being kept under wraps.” That means we don’t even know if she’ll be an original character or someone lifted from the comics, but the EW article suggests that next season’s flashbacks involve some kind of fun surprise, so that’s probably why we don’t have much of an idea about what’s going on. At least we know flashback Oliver will meet a new friend who will probably die by the end of the season. He hasn’t gotten enough of that yet.


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