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Arrested Development's Mitchell Hurwitz is remaking a Lars Von Trier movie (not Antichrist)

As Mitchell Hurwitz continues to tease an Arrested Development movie with a frustrating “Hey, if it were up to me…” sort of attitude, The Wrap reports that he’s currently developing a remake of Lars Von Trier’s The Boss Of It All, about an IT company owner who invents a fictional supervisor on whom he blames all his most unpopular decisions. Thematic similarities with Hurwitz’s real life aside, The Boss Of It All actually sounds right up Hurwitz’s creative alley: Like so many episodes of Arrested and, more recently, Running Wilde, it’s a comedy about a complex web of lies that comes crashing down when a prospective buyer demands to meet this supervisor, and it even involves the favorite Hurwitz plot device of hiring an actor to play him “with wacky results.” It’s also a Lars Von Trier movie that doesn’t involve something horrific happening to women, so even better.

There’s no indication yet of when it might start filming, but the report says that Boss Of It All has already been in development for about a year, with Arrested executive producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard on board and British novelist/screenwriter Emma Forrest attached to write the script. So, you know, probably right after the Arrested Development movie that is surely still happening.


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