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Arrested Development reunion will also have Ann, allowing people on the Internet to ask, "Her?" and thus affirm they are alive

As the day does not pass here at The A.V. Club without the confirmation of a returning Arrested Development actor, answered by a flurry of quotes that are as reassuringly reliable as the rooster's crow, here is today's report that Mae Whitman—a.k.a. Ann Veal, "Egg," etc.—has told Hollywood.com that " you can definitely expect to find a little bit of Ann hiding in the background somewhere, at least" in the show's upcoming fourth season, which is a very good way to think of her: as a backup. "Her?" we shall ask in unison, adding, "What, is she funny or something?" by way of crying out to the world that we are alive. Like the cicadas buzzing, or the whippoorwills singing: "You mean Ann-hog's coming? Way to plant, Ann! Maybe under her scenes it will say, 'Not pictured.' It's as Ann as the nose on Plain's face. Bllllaaaand!" It is our way of bellowing, "Take heed, for we exist," to sound our barbaric "mayon-egg" over the roofs of the world.


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