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Arrested Development movie "confirmed"

Words on the Internet sometimes have different meanings than they do in the real world. For example, "confirmed" in real life means "yep, for sure, no doubt it will happen." On the Internet, though, it often means "yep, for sure, maybe, who knows, have you heard the new Vampire Weekend record, it's great!" So, please take the following news from The New York Post's Page 6 with a grain of salt: There's totally going to be an Arrested Development movie!

The report is based on some non-committal comments made by Jeffrey Tambor, who essentially said he thinks there's a push to get a movie made. Not exactly a "whoo-boy, we start shooting next week!" but enough reason for long-suffering AD fans to hope. (Jason Bateman has also confirmed AD movie talks, so there's a one more reason to believe that posting this wasn't a very big mistake.)


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