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Arrested Development gets its own soundtrack album, regrettably isn't titled Franklin Comes Alive

Get out your Fakeblock and stock up on Teamocil, because Arrested Development is releasing a soundtrack. David Schwartz, who has been the show's composer throughout its whole run, has announced that an album is in the works. Whether you're a coun…try music-loving lady, someone who does care about black puppets, or you just want to work out to "Balls In the Air," you'll soon be able to listen to songs from throughout the show's on-again-off-again four-season run in one handy album, though one that probably won't sport any of these covers.

Schwartz is still working on narrowing down the track listing from the hundreds of pieces he's written for the show, but the album will likely include favorites like "Big Yellow Joint," "You're a Crook, Captain Hook," a medley of songs from Tobias' Fantastic Four musical, and selections of the ukelele-driven score from the entire run of the show. One song that will almost definitely be on there is season four's breakout hit "Getaway," an expanded version of which you can now listen to below.


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