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Arrested Development could start shooting again in 2017

Arrested Development picked up another “maybe” today: Speaking with journalists at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, creator Mitch Hurwitz indicated the series could be back on its feet soon. “Hate to tease the fans with information that there will be more, until we know for sure,” Hurwitz said, making sure no one confuses “maybe” with “surely.” “If it does happen, shooting will be at the start of 2017.”

Hurwitz appeared at the TCAs as part of a panel on Netflix comedies, discussing Lady Dynamite alongside co-creator Pam Brady, BoJack Horseman’s Raphael Bob-Waksberg, and F Is For Family’s Bill Burr. During the panel, it was announced that Maria Bamford and Lady Dynamite would be returning for a second season, though Hurwitz expressed some skepticism about another reprise on his other Netflix series. Following up on a question to Bob-Waksberg about celebrities lampooning themselves on BoJack Horseman, Hurwitz stated “I may have a hard time getting Scott Baio again”—as if there was any doubt about Baio’s sense of humor following his bout of Bob Loblaw at the Republican National Convention. Oh well: If season five needs another late-era Happy Days alum to step in, there’s always Ted McGinley!


[Gwen Ihnat contributed additional reporting to this story.]

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