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Arrested Development comes back to Netflix in March

Image: Netflix

The last time we saw the Bluth family in the first half of Arrested Development’s fifth season, a handful of people were missing, the family had realized it had no chance of funding its wall across the Mexico-America border, and Buster was facing a murder trial. Of course, that wasn’t really the last time we saw the old Arrested Development gang, as the cast celebrated the new season with a disastrous New York Times interview that brought to light not only an on-set outburst that Jeffrey Tambor had but also an apparent misogynistic streak among some of the show’s male stars when they leapt to Tambor’s defense while ignoring the emotional impact the incident may have had on Jessica Walter—who the outburst was directed at. Then there was the later revelation that series creator Mitch Hurwitz hadn’t realized how bad Tambor’s outburst was because he had barely been on set for any of the new season, and then David Cross started suggesting that the show may have run its course.

But there’s no point in worrying about the show’s future just yet, because there’s still another half of season five to get through. Today, Netflix announced that the next batch of episodes will be released on March 15, with a press release teasing new developments in the border wall, George-Michael’s software scheme, and a threat from “the gay mafia” that Michael might not be able to protect his family from. There’s also a new poster, which you can see below.

Image: Netflix

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