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Arnold Schwarzenegger's spy show is coming to Netflix

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s move to television is still kind of a baffling idea to us—how are they even going to fit him on the dang thing? (This is why his version of The Apprentice went off the air, right?) And yet now it sounds like Schwarzenegger will be coming to the even teensier world of streaming TV to boot, with Deadline reporting that the former governor’s still-untitled new spy show—which is not Alias, but which sounds a lot like Alias—has apparently landed at Netflix. (God help us if Quibi had still been around for these negotiations; you’d have to go Turnstyle just to get the man’s neck onto the screen.)


Created by future Jack Reacher showrunner Nick Santora, the series will star Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbaro (from Stumptown and the upcoming Top Gun sequel) as a father-daughter team who end up getting into some sorts of spy shenanigans, and, again, this really sounds like Alias, folks. It’s not Alias, we know it’s not Alias, but still: Lil’ bit Alias.

Per the Deadline report, the show has a script-to-series commitment, presumably on account of, well, sure, we’d like to see Arnold Schwarenegger shoot people on TV—if for the sake of novelty, if nothing else. There’s no word about any deeper plot details yet, but it’ll presumably see Barbaro and Schwarzenegger forced to juggle family commitments and espionage entanglements as they execute complicated plots, all built around constructing the mysterious Rambaldi Device and no, fuck, that’s Alias again, jesus, what’s wrong with us today.

As it’s still early days on the series, there’s no word yet on when Alias it’s expected to go into Alias production.