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Arnold Schwarzenegger uses TikTok to share video of him chasing a mini-pony on a mountain bike

Photo: Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

This week, like all weeks in recent memory, has been a long one. Your reward for making it to end? A video of Arnold Schwarzenegger chasing a mini-pony named Whiskey on a mountain bike, set to Toby Keith’s “Should’ve Been a Cowboy.” You’re welcome.


This video, as spotted by Twitter user @joetoenails, comes from TikTok, the preferred app of today’s teens that is mostly used for making utterly baffling lip-sync videos. It’s also, apparently, where you can go to find videos of the former governor of California chasing tiny equines on a bicycle with enormous tires. Other offerings on Schwarzenegger’s TikTok include videos of him at the gym, as well him as riding this bike to the gym.

“Whiskey the mini-pony has a morning fitness routine, too,” reads the video’s description, which is just a delight to recite in Schwarzenegger’s accent. While being chased in a circle around a large property by the seven-time Mr. Olympia is surely hard work, Whiskey’s efforts do not go unrewarded. The clip ends with Arnold feeding him a carrot as good boy Gustav surveys the scene. 

Yes, we’re also thinking of that Commando scene.

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