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Arnold Schwarzenegger: [something something Terminator reference] in the White House

Proving yet again that Demolition Man is the most prescient work of science-fiction in our lifetimes, actually-elected-in-real-life-not-in-an-Ivan-Reitman-film Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger laid the groundwork for a possible presidential campaign on Thursday’s Tonight Show, saying that “without a doubt” he would run for the White House if that silly girly law prohibiting foreign-born citizens from holding the job were amended. Of course, even he acknowledges that that’s unlikely, seeing as Hawaii is apparently considered foreign soil to a small but exceedingly vocal minority, but mark our words, people: First this, then the Franchise Wars, then Denis Leary commanding a guerrilla force of rebels in the sewers by using outtakes from No Cure For Cancer. It’s all falling into place!

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