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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent stint as The Celebrity Apprentice host has turned him into something of a critic. After being scolded by the president for running the ratings into the ground, the erstwhile Terminator suggested he hire a new joke writer, charging that Trump’s the one dealing with diminishing returns.


Of course, telling Trump to back up his claims with facts isn’t exactly hitting him where it hurts. But as their little back-and-forth continues, Schwarzenegger is now armed with the only metrics that matter to the sentient clementine: ratings.

Schwarzenegger posted a video to Twitter wherein he derided the president’s not so swell (or swole) approval rating, following his recently announced plans to deprive kids of school lunches and art. The once-and-future Expendable practically cackles over the fact that Trump’s popularity could use some pumping up, but he also seems to realize that there’s a lot at stake. So, instead of proposing a foot race or arm-wrestling contest, Schwarzenegger asks Trump to meet him at a D.C.-area middle school, where he can witness firsthand the good the funds he’s prepared to cut do. Trump hasn’t answered Schwarzenegger’s volley, presumably because he’s too busy campaigning again.

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