It can be hard for anyone to find motivation to go to the gym. At best, your local gym is probably an intimidating place filled with gorgeous people that manage to stay in shape due to some crazy genetic coincidence rather than any workout they’re doing. At its worst, your local gym is filled with loudmouthed assholes that verbally critique your workouts or shame you for not knowing how to deadlift properly. The gym is like any other subculture; if you don’t know all the lingo and procedures, it can be tough to find your place there.

19-year-old Reddit user GnashBrowns got a swift introduction to that culture when he tried to start weightlifting at his local gym. Posting in the r/gainit subreddit, he details a culture of humiliation when trying his best to work his way up to a heavy deadlift, only to have his fellow gym-goers laugh at his form and eventual failure. That would be enough to kill anyone’s motivation to work out, and GnashBrowns admits his defeat. That is, until a certain Austrian man with pecs the size of bowling balls swoops in with a motivational purpose like he’s descending from a helicopter in Last Action Hero.


Arnold Schwarzenegger, who’s no stranger to Reddit, replied to GnashBrowns’ post with a few words of encouragement. Arnie tells the kid that he should be proud of himself for trying, and that failure is fuel for motivation. In Arnie’s words, “you took the first step and you fell, but at least you fell in the right direction, so get back up and take the next step. Keep moving forward.” Check out the full response over at The Telegraph and accept that you will always hear the Terminator’s voice when reading his words.

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