Arnold Schwarzenegger won the hearts of Redditors with his Ask Me Anything session back in January, and seems to have taken a liking to the "front page of the Internet." GovSchwarzenegger has since maintained an active presence on the site, namely in /r/Fitness. He even did a second AMA just about working out. Fitness advice isn’t the only thing he has contributed, however.

Yesterday on the subreddit, somebody posted a link from the former governor/current Terminator’s website about the best cardio workout ever (which one can only assume is to stand up during commercials or something). And, because it's the Internet, an argument commenced that only Arnold could terminate. His comment was quite insightful, and could probably be applied to many an argument that takes place on the Internet. Also, kudos to LumberingOaf for his double gold response: “Come with me if you want to lift.”