The various agents and producers engineering Arnold Schwarzenegger’s acting comeback may have already declared that his most recent sex scandal isn’t something a little Terminator reboot can’t fix, but apparently Schwarzenegger himself feels differently. He’s asked his management team to put all of his upcoming projects on hold while he “focuses on his personal life,” meaning everything from the previously announced Cry Macho to the cartoon where he keeps his secret double life hidden from his blissfully unaware family will be delayed until he decides he’s made a long enough public show of humility, and also the tabloid media exhausts itself on digging up photos of his old housekeeper-turned-secret-lover. But don’t worry: Considering Schwarzenegger became not only one of the world’s biggest movie stars but the leader of one of the country’s largest states despite a long, scandal-filled history of talking up his love of gangbangs, having sex with a 16-year-old girl, and lots and lots of serial groping, chances are he’ll also come out of this one just fine.