So much for settling into a sort of dignified, latter-day Clint Eastwood phase: Arnold Schwarzenegger is attached to revive The Terminator franchise, according to a report from Deadline, signing on for a deal that would return him to his most iconic role under the direction of Fast Five’s Justin Lin. At the moment this is just a “rights package” that’s being shopped around various studios, with Universal, Sony, and Lionsgate all considering picking up the property from its current owner, the hedge fund Pacificor, so it's still some ways away from being officially in development. However, the article notes that the rights to make any Terminator film will revert back to James Cameron in 2018, putting a definite “ticking clock” on completing any new project before then. Of course, that’s in addition to getting a new Terminator movie done while Arnold Schwarzenegger is still a spry 64-year-old who can play an ageless cyborg, and before that proposition begins to sound ridiculous.