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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nickelback swiftly terminate Twitter feud

Freeze to meet you, and all that (Batman & Robin)

For much of its 20+ year career, Nickelback has been a musical punching bag/punchline. But ragging on the Canadian rockers has fallen out of fashion, and not just because of their 50+ million albums sold. They have a vocal defender in Avril Lavigne, who took on Facebook for her ex-husband’s band, and even law enforcement in Canada has had to walk back a joke about the punitive effects of their third album. The latest high-profile subject to meet the backlash to Nickelbacklash is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who mocked the band in an otherwise pertinent tweet about gerrymandering.


Ouch—what’s the bigger insult there, being compared to Congress or herpes? We‘ll never know how Nickelback feels, because the band just responded with its own dig at the Austrian actor turned California governor.

The response wasn’t exactly met with a frosty reception. Rather than fire back—say, by quoting from this Nickelback joke Tumblr—the former Governator decided to make peace with his northern neighbors.


And just like that, this Twitter feud burned out, with Nickelback commending Schwarzenegger for being able to take a joke.


Now that tempers have cooled, Schwarzenegger can get back to burning Trump, and Nickelback can go hang out with mega-fan Father John Misty.

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