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Arnold Schwarzenegger, hulking man of many talents, has decided to join government and public health officials in doing his part to fight the spread of coronavirus with a plea for people to stay inside for a while. Because he’s Arnold and understands the value of getting his message across in the most entertaining fashion possible, he’s issued his PSA while sitting at his kitchen table in a Terminator T-shirt, feeding carrots to a miniature pony and donkey.


“Stay at home as much as possible,” the clip’s caption reads. “Listen to the experts, ignore the morons (foreheads). We will get through this together.” While we’re unsure how the morons and foreheads are related, the rest of Arnold’s video summarizes his thoughts on the need for people to self-isolate very clearly.

Lulu and Whiskey, a donkey and mini-pony already made famous in some of Arnold’s other excellent posts, stand around their action hero caregiver as he explains that “we don’t go out, we don’t go to restaurants, we don’t do anything like that anymore here.” Arnold feeds them carrots and makes throaty Arnold noises while repeating “oh, yes,” talking about “yummies,” and petting his two pals.

“Don’t we have a good time eating here together?” he asks the animals before addressing the viewer once more. “So much more fun than going outside. No more restaurants, okay? No more restaurants. Forget all that. Public gatherings, restaurants, and all those gymnasiums? Out the window. We stay home.”

Arnold then laughs heartily, grabs Whiskey and Lulu around their necks, and tells them not to bite because they’re all—humans, donkeys, and tiny ponies alike—in this together. “Good girls,” he says. If you, too, would like to imagine behaving in such a way that Arnold may squeeze your neck between his biceps and praise your actions, remember what he told you: Stay inside, eat your carrots, and don’t bite anyone.


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