The Late Late Show With James Corden has been a bang-up addition to the late night lineup, with the host taking hold of Craig Ferguson’s penchant for weirdness and taking it outside the studio walls. He’s delivered pizzas, taped a whole show inside some random dude’s house, and tried to sell people mattresses. Some of the stuff he does inside the confines of his own studio really soars as well. Take, for instance, the segment Corden does with a particularly game film icon—Tom Hanks, as an example—and gets the actor to run quickly through scenes from every movie he or she has ever made. Last night, Arnold Schwarzenegger stepped into the challenge, costume changes and all, and the results were fairly magical. Every movie was represented, from Conan The Barbarian to Kindergarten Cop, and while most of the role-playing isn’t exactly true to each film’s story, per se, it’s a joy to watch all the same.