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Armando Iannucci's HBO space comedy sets its phasers to fun in first teaser

Avenue 5, a vulgar comedy set in outer space, was launched into developmental orbit a few years ago by Veep creator Armando Iannuci. In January, it finally touches down. As proof, HBO has released a teaser for the series, which stars Hugh Laurie, Josh Gad, and Zach Woods as the overseers of a luxury spaceship for intergalactic tourists.


The arc of the plot remains unclear, but the above clip teases some kind of catastrophic event that puts the guests in danger and forces the predictably foul-mouthed staff to fumble their way through damage control. Iannucci helmed the premiere of the series, which also stars Suzy Nakamura, Nikki Amuka, Rebecca Front, and Himesh Patel.

Avenue 5 arrives in January.

Randall Colburn is The A.V. Club's Internet Culture Editor. He lives in Chicago, occasionally writes plays, and was a talking head in Best Worst Movie, the documentary about Troll 2.

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