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Arizona political ad somehow has one of the best twist endings we've seen all year

Rep. Paul Gosar, psyching himself up for yet another awkward family potluck.
Photo: Bill Clark (Getty Images)

Political advertising is a doggedly straightforward beast: You either remind your constituents why you’re awesome, or you remind them why your opponent sucks. (Sometimes, if you’re feeling really ambitious, you do both.) The twist ending is rarely employed, presumably on the grounds that you don’t want viewers to have to sit through an entire 90-second TV spot in order to get the gist of your awesome/sucks message.

But kudos are in order for the screenwriting chops of the team supporting Arizona congressional candidate David Brill, who crafted one hell of a twist for his ads against his opponent, incumbent Paul Gosar:

That’s some Game Of Thrones shit right there.

To be fair, Gosar has nine siblings, and Brill could only get six of them to go on camera denouncing their brother and his views on things like immigration, healthcare, and the environment. Still: Pretty awkward Thanksgiving.


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