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Arizona Iced Tea: “What pure, raw aesthetic tastes like”

Arizona Iced Tea meme

Arizona Iced Tea first became known for its low cost (under a buck a can), but over time found additional fame because of the beauty of its label design. Specifically, people can’t get enough of the cherry blossom print of the original flavor; admirers can find everything from bags to clothes adorned with the pattern for sale on the company’s website. This aesthetic has also landed Arizona Iced Tea at the center of many an internet conversation:

This “Arizona Iced Tea (VAPORWAVE AESTHETIC DRINK) Review” insists the beverage’s popularity is due not only to the pattern but also the can’s 24-ounce size, easier to view in music videos than a Coke can, for example, making it the go-to for letting people know how you quench your thirst. The reviewer notes, “The aesthetic was starting to spill out of my mouth, because there was so much aesthetic drink. There’s a lot of aesthetic in here,” before adding, “This must be what pure, raw aesthetic tastes like.”


One Daily Dot reporter April Siese even set out to chat with the brand about what the iconic design means for its products:

Arizona Iced Tea is apparently happy to acknowledge pride in those labels:


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