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Ariana Grande's new, cool video is just 3 minutes of her pet pig

You don’t have to like Ariana Grande. (For what it’s worth, we here at The A.V. Club are officially extremely on board with her new album.) And you definitely don’t have to like her fiancé, Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson, whom many find annoying for doing things like getting engaged to Ariana Grande and then promoting that engagement on the late-night circuit. What you do have to like, however, is this music video for Grande’s song “Breathin” which is just three minutes of Grande and Davidson’s pet pig.


Look at that fuckin’ pig. That’s a good pig. A great pig, even. For those curious, the pig’s name is Piggy Smalls. (Again, regardless of you how you feel about that choice, the pig is in no way responsible for its name.) We hope you’ve enjoyed the pig and maybe the song too, but to be clear you don’t have to like the song if you don’t want to. You do have to like the pig.

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