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Argo collects a Writers Guild win on the way to Ben Affleck being snubbed at the Oscars

The Oscars are this weekend, meaning time has all but run out for various guilds to recognize Ben Affleck’s Argo on the way to Affleck being totally snubbed on Sunday. And at last night’s Writers Guild Awards, the film added yet another trophy to its haul that Affleck should literally put into a wheelbarrow or possibly an old, ratty high school backpack, so he can walk the red carpet and drop a few of them in front of Oscar-nominated director Ang Lee, and be like, “Oh, sorry, I’ve just got way too many of these. Hey, how have you been transporting all your awards?”

Anyway, Argo’s WGA win for Best Adapted Screenplay and Zero Dark Thirty’s victory in Best Original Screenplay mark the final guild-word before we can get on with the Oscars already, while on the TV side, Louie won Best Comedy, Breaking Bad won Best Drama, and Girls won Best New Series, as these are shows writers like. And now we prepare to enter those few months of rare respite from awards season, where our stars wander through the streets, wondering where their next catered meal and congratulations on their bravery will come from (as captured in the Phil Collins song “Another Day In Paradise”).


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