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Area 51 raid now a festival called AlienStock that's bound to become this generation's Woodstock

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If you thought that plan to “storm” Area 51 was a load of crap that stemmed from a shitposting event on Facebook, you’re...sort of correct? There will be no storming, but there will be a festival in its stead. It’s a sign of the times, really, that the 50th anniversary of the most iconic festival of all time couldn’t get off the ground, but that an irony-fueled event that was meme’d into existence most certainly will.


The website for the AlienStock Festival (get it, AlienSTOCK?) states the event is taking place on the initial weekend the masses were going to invade Area 51, September 20 to 22. It also gives some pointers on where to stay and how to get there from Las Vegas. It’s being held in Rachel, Nevada, which is apparently the closest city to Area 51. There’s even a place to donate to “the cause,” but they claim they’re not looking to make a profit in an interview with The Washington Post.


But wait a minute, hold your saucers. Rachel only has a population of roughly 50 people, and Vice reports that they are none too pleased about a projected hoard of millennials showing up to their quaint town. Just like the warnings against coming to Area 51, the town of Rachel posted a serious PSA on their site, saying that the only inn in town is booked, there are no gas stations or stores, and, basically, if you show up there and aren’t an experienced hiker or outdoor enthusiast, you’re going to die. There are, however, some good resources and events they link to if you are very hell-bent on doing something that has to do with aliens in Nevada.

This conflicts with what’s on the AlienStock website, which declares that the organizers have been “given permission” and that the owner of the local inn has “already rallied several plots of property from land-owners to host something of this caliber.”

Maybe it’ll all work out. Or maybe it’ll be a disaster. Regardless, the aliens will be watching. 

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