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Are you talking to Bob Odenkirk in this exclusive Better Call Saul image?

You callin’ Saul? You callin’ Saul? You callin’ Saul? Then who the hell else are you callin’? Saul’s the only one here in this exclusive, Taxi Driver-esque promotional image from AMC’s upcoming Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul. So who do you think you’re callin’? Oh yeah? Okay: When the series opens, Bob Odenkirk’s character has yet to adopt the Saul Goodman identity, so The A.V. Club supposes you could be callin’ Jimmy McGill, unaware that McGill abandoned that moniker the moment he formed his right hand into that infamous gesture that suggests both aggressiveness and reliability (though Jimmy/Saul is really neither of those things). It’s the universal signal for “better call Saul,” so you better be calling Saul, because there’s nobody else here.

Maybe you’re calling the culprit that carved “I SKRIBE” into that mirror, curious as to whether that’s a graffiti artist’s tag, a pen name (“I just love the short stories of I. Skribe, don’t you?”), or a word puzzle concealing clues about Better Call Saul’s first season. (“Eye over scribe?” What does it all mean?) Whatever meaning exists within this image is tantalizingly scant, so you might have to tune in to AMC’s two-night Better Call Saul premiere in order to glean anything from it. We can say this much, at least: Saul clearly has a reflection, so there’s photographic evidence that the character is not a vampire. Not in the literal sense, at least.


Better Call Saul debuts at 10 p.m. Eastern on February 8, with episode two airing the following night at 10.

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