The surrounding world confuses and angers Adam Sandler.

Proving that an actor’s greatest tool is incredulity, Screen Junkies has put together a supercut of characters asking various forms of “are you kidding me” in films. There are some repeat offenders amongst the group—with many characters from Kevin Smith films asking for clarification on the kidding status, along with a sizeable chunk of the video devoted to a completely exasperated Adam Sandler, set adrift amongst a world where he simply doesn’t know whether or not people are, in fact, kidding him.

The video has some NSFW language as sometimes the disbelief is so overwhelming that characters can’t help but swear in the face of these events. It’s a wide range of movies, crossing genres and decades, stretching from the cocaine-addled criminals of De Palma’s Scarface all the way to the cocaine-addled criminals of Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street. There is one notable absence from John Carpenter’s The Thing, but maybe Screen Junkies were using Jeopardy! rules and needed it in the form of a question.