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Are Minions tools of the Illuminati?

They might look cute and innocent at first, but those little yellow Minions really want to inspire you to be evil and to do the bidding of all the bad guys out there.

According to a bunch of conspiracy theorists, anyway.

The Daily Dot has compiled an amazing list of the internet’s great conspiracy theories about Despicable Me’s Minions, which now have their own movie. Minions came out last weekend, around the same time some Reddit users staged a blackout of the site. They supposedly did it to protest mismanagement, but obviously it was really to make everyone go see Minions.


The little creatures apparently are servants of the devil and a metaphor for the New World Order. Believe it or not, they also faked the moon landing.

Not mentioned among the theories: The fact that McDonald’s Minion toys are swearing at children.

But maybe the Minions are so bad at being bad, they’re actually good?

“Think about it,” The Daily Dot writes. “Every time they serve a master they wind up doing more harm than good. Perhaps they’re double agents of God, serving evil in order to stop it. Consider your minds blown.”


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