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Arctic Monkeys continue their journey away from the punchy, frenetic singles of their early albums, dropping new single “Do I Wanna Know?” on iTunes and video on YouTube without any fanfare. The band has plans to put out their fifth, as-yet untitled album sometime this year—September is the current rumored release date—their first since 2011’s Suck It And See. The band played at last year’s Olympic Opening Ceremonies—where they covered The Beatles’ “Come Together”—and have been much less punk-oriented in their recent work. “Do I Wanna Know?” is downright slinky, grooving on a steady backbeat as Alex Turner croons, showing a more back-to-basics approach than the slightly disappointing sound of the past couple albums. The animated video features a sound wave on a black background that undulates until it breaks out into more surreal visuals with streaks of primary colors. The Record Store Day single “R U Mine” won’t be on the new album, but considering the band headlines Glastonbury later this week and has plans to tour in the fall, more details should be forthcoming.

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