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Archer's got a talking parrot, and Margot Robbie's got the bloodlust, in today's trailer happy hour

Photo: James D. Morgan (Getty Images)

Welcome back to Trailer Happy Hour, where we collect the day’s teasers, trailers, promo spots, and general pop culture marketing detritus, and boil them all down to one simple, easy-to-digest digest. Today, we have on-tap a murderous Margot Robbie, a priest on the edge, a former spy getting farted on, and a mesmerizing new stage project from Spike Lee. Let’s dive in.


First up: a flashy promo for Vaughn Stein’s Terminal, which stars a bunch of dumb guys and a gleefully murderous Margot Robbie, alternatively teasing, flirting with, and murdering the lot of them. There’s a lot of retrograde bullshit associated with the old “femme fatale” trope, but Robbie seems to be thoroughly owning the part, cackling merrily as she screws over fellas like Simon Pegg and Max Irons with bloodlust-y ease. Toss in a weird Mike Myers cameo, and a bunch of Alice In Wonderland references, and things’ll be looking plenty odd when the film’s May 11 premiere date rolls around.

Speaking of weird: Archer is continuing its descent into madness over on FXX, as the show’s cast rotates over to their new roles for the upcoming Danger Island. The show’s latest periodic reinvention finds Archer acting as a hotshot fighter pilot living on a ’40s tropical island, with Cyril showing up as a German spy, and Krieger as, um…a wisecracking, talking parrot. At least some things never change: The cast is still hopping into bed with each other pretty much constantly, and the ever-wonderful Pam still knows how to properly treat a fallen foe. Archer: Danger Island premieres on FXX on April 25.

On an altogether more solemn note, there’s also a new trailer for First Reformed, the latest film from director Paul Schrader. Starring Ethan Hawke as a priest flailing with his failing faith, Schrader’s latest looks to be a supremely tense affair, what with all the suicide vests, whispered secrets, and inexplicable levitation sex currently on display.


Finally, we’ve got a trailer for Pass Over, Spike Lee’s latest project with Amazon Studios. Filming a performance of Antoinette Nwandu’s celebrated debut—which translates the aimless rhythms and repetitions of Waiting For Godot into a conversation between two young black man, struggling to escape the systemic oppression (and well-meaning, tone-deaf advice) of white America—Lee’s camera is hypnotic, capturing the play itself, as well as the wary, worried faces of the people watching. Pass Over arrives on Prime Video on April 20.


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