For those wondering how Archer can possibly recover from its Archer: Vice season and create a lasting foundation for its recently announced two more seasons, we now have an answer besides shut up, it’s a cartoon. Creator Adam Reed tells Entertainment Weekly that the show will “sort of unreboot, or whatever—deboot” from the current storyline that finds the ISIS team working as outlaws, country and otherwise, and “get back to the basics of some spy missions.” Still, probably don’t expect some sort of “it was all a dream,” continuity-erasing cop-out: Reed mentions that the sixth season will find Lana dealing with motherhood and pawning babysitting duties off on her coworkers, specifically describing a scene that involves Pam “chewing up Vienna sausages and then spitting them into the baby’s mouth like a gorilla,” suggesting Pam will, like the show, finally kick cocaine. Fortunately for Archer—as it is for everyone—kicking cocaine is super easy.