Fans of H. Jon Benjamin-starring cult cartoons will get the secret wish they didn't even know they'd made to themselves in the upcoming fourth season of Archer, when the Benjamin-voiced super-spy will meet the very-similarly-Benjamin-voiced subject of Bob's Burgers, and everyone will get to hear Jon Benjamin talk to himself on the TV. According to an interview with Benjamin over at Entertainment Weekly, the already-recorded episode—which, like the rest of Archer's fourth season, doesn't have a set premiere date yet—will have a "Bourne Identity-type plotline" with an amnesiac Archer working the Bob's Burgers counter, until his true identity is awakened by an encounter with a group of thugs. The collision of the shows' now-shared universes will also include appearances from Bob's wife Linda (but not the kids), and visually it will be " “Archer-style animation, but with all the accoutrements and characteristics of the [Bob’s] characters." Unfortunately the nexus of the H. Jon Benjaminverse will not also feature cameos from Home Movies' Coach McGuirk or Dr. Katz's Ben, so you'll just have to draw those characters on your TV screen yourself.