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Archer renewed for two more seasons

Illustration for article titled iArcher/i renewed for two more seasons

Archer will get at least two more years on FX, the network announced today, picking up the animated series for sixth and seventh season runs through 2016—and possibly even beyond that. Whatever the ultimate decision there, this renewal also puts Archer into the some-kind-of-zone for syndication, so it’s all but guaranteed it to stick around until years from now, when we’re all enjoying it with our Japanese virtual girlfriends.


The move is hardly surprising, considering Archer remains one of FX’s biggest hits: It’s the second highest-rated comedy on basic cable among adults 18 to 49, and it’s currently enjoying its most popular season ever— confirming once and for all that people love cocaine. Anyway, no telling where the Archer: Vice arc can go from here to set up two more years of this. Though now we know if it mirrors Miami Vice with some sort of “Bullet For Crockett”-inspired cliffhanger, we can be pretty sure Archer will also pull through.

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