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Archer promotes its fifth season by posting nude pictures on Reddit

Earlier this week, The Mindy Project put targeted ads on hookup mobile app Tinder, as part of a brand crossover for an episode airing in January. But FX’s Archer has found a far cheekier—literally—marketing match to promote the show's fifth season premiere on January 13: Reddit’s /r/gonewild page.

The Archer team has been posting pictures of Sterling, Lana, Barry, Kreiger, and Pam on the exhibitionist subreddit—and as commenters have been quick to note, it’s an inventive way to target its desired demographic (in addition to the gun safety video and Top Gun homage from this past fall). All that needs to happen now is for Cyril, Ray, Cheryl, Malory, and Woodhouse to bare it all in their own borderline-NSFW ads; there has to be somebody out there who wants to see that. In the meantime, check out the full five-photo gallery here.

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