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Archer gets a season seven premiere date

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FX’s merry band of spies, or drug runners, or whatever it is they do these days will return March 31, the premiere date for Archer’s mysterious seventh season. Despite previous announcements that the show would be moving to FXX, Sterling Archer and the gang—the artists formerly known as ISIS—will apparently be staying at the network that’s been their home for the last six years, with the 13-episode season—the second of two the show was renewed for near the end of season five—still set to air on FX.


The future of the crew is uncertain after this season, but then again, the future of the crew is already uncertain, following a season finale that found them swearing off the spy game yet again. Granted, they had just completed an especially exhausting Fantastic Voyage-style intravenous space mission, and who among us wouldn’t need a breather after such a thing? But creator Adam Reed has confirmed the season will reset a lot of Archer’s elements, though he was reluctant to call it a “reboot” when he addressed a crowd at Comic-Con this summer. Reed didn’t mention a change of location, so season seven isn’t likely to be as much of a departure as Archer: Vice. Not that it matters, because every town has a direct path, if not necessarily a highway, to the danger zone.

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