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Archer gets a fifth season, Jon Hamm, and a Sealab 2021 crossover

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As promised by both last year’s new FX production deal for producers Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, and this guy we met named Dave who swore he’d get it done, Archer has been renewed for another season of screwy satirical spy action, so good job, Dave. Not to diminish Dave’s accomplishments, but it certainly also helps that the animated series continues to grow its audience year to year, with its current fourth season averaging around 2 million viewers aged 18 to 49, ranking as No. 1 in that demo for its timeslot, while also delivering cable TV’s second-largest audience of men 18 to 34—second only to The Walking Dead.


Presumably the rest of the seven episodes remaining to air this spring will continue that trend, particularly as they boast now-confirmed guest stars like Anthony Bourdain, dropping into tomorrow’s episode as a very Anthony Bourdain-like celebrity chef; Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal, who will make up for their absence in that season-opening Bob’s Burgers crossover; and, perhaps most exciting for longtime Reed/Thompson fans, Jon Hamm appearing in the two-part finale as “Captain Murphy, the possibly deranged commander of an undersea laboratory.” Will Jon Hamm get to say, “And there go my nipples again!” in his velvety, Jon Hamm baritone? You’ll find out April 4, and it will probably feel like this.

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