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Arcade Fire went ahead and made some shirts with some Jenners on them

Here are some more Jenner faces. (Credit: Scott Barbour/Stringer/Getty Images)

Last week, Kendall and Kylie Jenner—you know, the Kardashians’ lower-rated spinoff series—attracted the ire of pretty much all sentient humans (again) by selling a bunch of $100 shirts with their own faces superimposed over the images of dead rappers (also a bunch of classic rock musicians, only some of whom were dead). This was tasteless, dubiously legal, and extremely confusing. What possible connection could there be between these well-established musical entities and the Jenner sisters? None, it turned out, as the musicians involved (or their estates) disavowed the shirts immediately. Pretty quickly, the shirts were pulled and the Jenners apologized.


Now, as if in an attempt to save the beleaguered twosome the trouble, Arcade Fire has been spotted selling promotional shirts that just go ahead and superimpose an indeterminate Jenner’s face on it.

On it, a thoughtful Jenner (Kendall? That’s Kendall, right?) peers out from over top of the band’s logo for their new album, Everything Now. Next to the shirts is a note that 100 percent of proceeds from them will go to the healthcare organization Partners In Health, thus making it the perfect garment for those wishing to let people know they are both fans of anthemic dance-rock and concerned with the visibility of under-seen Jenner faces worldwide.


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