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Arcade Fire teams up with Mavis Staples for a new song, “I Give You Power”

Arcade Fire (Photo: Getty Images/Theo Wargo)

It’s been four years since Arcade Fire released its fourth album, Reflektor, but the band has certainly been staying busy. It’s been teasing a new album in 2017, and while there’s no proof that the song the band just released, “I Give You Power,” will be on it, it’s the first audible sign that the band’s been in the studio. The song is currently a Tidal exclusive, but the band notes that all proceeds from it go to the ACLU. While “I Give You Power” sees the band pushing its disco focus even further, the song really serves as a showcase for Mavis Staples, who sings the song’s refrain and gives the song an extra bit of oomph. As the band stated on Twitter, the song is a call to “stick together and take care of each other,” offering a a unifying declaration when it’s needed most.


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