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Last year’s wrath-evoking Grammy win for Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs practically begs for some sort of commemorative repackaging, and that’s exactly what it’s going to get on June 27. As noted by Pitchfork, BBC Radio DJ Zane Lowe has revealed that the band will release an expanded “deluxe” edition of the record that also features two unreleased songs, “Speaking In Tongues” and “Culture War,” and comes with a DVD of the Spike Jonze-directed Scenes From The Suburbs and its making-of documentary. The announcement comes on the heels of another career high for Arcade Fire, whose Coachella set—though not getting as much media attention as Kanye West’s—received its own rave reviews, particularly a closing rendition of “Wake Up” that culminated in the release of hundreds of remote-controlled balls that glowed blue, red, and green across the crowd. Video of the performance was available until just recently, when Coachella did its annual round of ensuring that people who weren’t able to attend don’t accidentally get to enjoy anything, but you can read about it here. That’s sort of the same thing, right?


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