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In news that should come as a surprise to almost no one, Arcade Fire are working on a follow-up to 2010’s Grammy-winning The Suburbs. This information comes courtesy of drummer Jeremy Gara, who disclosed the hot gossip during an interview with Ottawa radio station CKCU earlier this week.


According to Gara, the band is holed up in the studio now, just beginning the process of putting tracks together. He didn’t offer much else in the way of information, saying the band is “just working on music and growing beards and living at home and going out to dinner together.” Based on this information, possible topics for the album's new themes could include: the crumbling dynamics of modern family life; our culture's institutional shaming of body hair; Monsanto and food politics; or something else entirely.

The band hasn’t set a deadline on finishing the record, and says it isn’t being pressured to do so by its record label, Merge, or its management. Gara says they do hope to have the record out by the end of 2013, though. Publications: Start holding spots in your respective Top 10 lists now.

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