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Arcade Fire may be teasing some new “content”

(Photo: Getty Images, Emma McIntyre)
(Photo: Getty Images, Emma McIntyre)

Not everything sent to The A.V. Club’s Twitter page is newsworthy—it turns out that a lot of people really liked Suicide Squad—but sometimes there’s no better way to stay on top of the hottest new viral marketing stunts than by looking at social media. Of course, it’s impossible to tell when something will be a viral marketing stunt (because otherwise it would just be regular marketing), but a weird and mysterious Twitter account seems to be teasing something new from those reliably weird and mysterious Canadians in Arcade Fire.


The account is called @ArcadeFireTuba, and it has been tweeting a video link to pretty much anyone who might listen, including Pepsi, U2, Diplo and Donald Trump (who have to share for some reason), and The A.V. Club:

@TheAVClub Реальные новости о Arcade Fire

— Sasha M (@ArcadeFireTuba) May 30, 2017

The link takes you to a video on a Russian website of the word “Now” flying through space while a very Arcade Fire-ish song plays in the background. The text above the video, presumably the title, says something along the lines of “everything now content two,” with The A.V. Club’s dedicated Russian translator noting that the word “content” is actually just a loanword from English—meaning it’s literally just the word “content.” Assuming that is the intended translation, it could imply that there’s an “everything now content one” video somewhere out there, but this clip is the only one posted by this account. (Interestingly, the four videos this profile has subscribed to were all uploaded yesterday, just like “everything now content two.”)

That’s really all we can glean from this Russian website, but searching the internet for uses of the name “Arcade Fire” and the word “content” does bring up this post from an Arcade Fire fansite, which reveals that the new song the band released back in January was licensed by something called Infinite Content. Nobody knew what Infinite Content was all about at the time, but it does formally connect the word to the band. Is it a coincidence? Possibly, but it really does seem like some Arcade Fire content is on the way.

Also, for the record, a representative for Arcade Fire wouldn’t comment on any possible connections between the band and the video.