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Arcade Fire is asking fans to wear suits, dresses, and costumes to its upcoming tour

In an age when some bands are catching flack for asking fans to not use cameras at their shows, Arcade Fire is taking fan requests even further. The semi-eccentric Canadian band is asking everyone who attends shows on its upcoming tour to “please wear formal attire or costume.” To frontman Win Butler, this means “suits, dinner jackets, masks, and even full costume.” Should this not be your bag, tough shit; Butler told a crowd in London recently he’s “not sorry” if “anyone [felt] uncomfortable dressing up.”

While the request isn’t new for the band—fans were asked to dress up for the group’s entire recent run of club shows—it is causing some raised eyebrows among those who can’t be bothered to put on collared shirts. Stereogum, for instance, points out that it might be just a little insane for the band to ask “23,000 Kentuckians to dress up like [extras] in Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby to see a rock band at the KFC Yum! Center.” Though it’s worth noting that, unlike the band’s club shows, no one will be turned away for not sporting a top hat and tails.


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