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In what historians may someday recognize as the opening salvo in the hippest musical feud ever, Arcade Fire took time out of its recent Coachella appearances to express its dislike of electronic dance music and/or robots. As reported by Stereogum, Arcade Fire started its headlining set last night by bringing out impostors in Daft Punk helmets playing an “intentionally awful,” slow jam version of “Get Lucky.”


Of course, the thing about Daft Punk is that nobody knows what they look like—without Googling “What does Daft Punk look like” of course. So, as Stereogum points out, it might well have been the real Daft Punk doing some kind of ironic self-parody thing. However, Butler apparently dedicated a song during last weekend’s set to “all the bands at [Coachella] playing real instruments.” So it seems like Butler maybe has a genuine beef with electronic dance music, and maybe it’s time we start recognizing his band name as a literal call for people to set video games on fire.

Daft Punk has yet to issue a counter-attack, but if movies about humans fighting against robots are anything to go by, we’re probably going to be jacked into a computer simulation and used as batteries to fuel the next great dance hit pretty soon. Also, speaking of movies, it’s a safe bet that Arcade Fire won’t be first in line to see this one. Or this one. Or this one. Or this one.

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