Demonstrating the restraint typical of the seven-piece, brass-and-string backed band, Arcade Fire has confirmed the release date for its new album via a Twitter reply. “You’re my favorite,” a fan tweeted at the group, which was apparently just the words of encouragement Arcade Fire has long been waiting for. The group eagerly responded by saying, “Thanks. Our new album will be out October 29th” and also included the below image—all of this in a direct @ reply to that one, single fan who finally cared enough to reach out. Perhaps if anyone else had bothered to say something nice to Arcade Fire before this, that information would have been revealed much sooner.

As is, the release date is currently all that’s known about the band’s follow-up to The Suburbs, aside from earlier reports that James Murphy has been working on it. We’ll just have to wait until someone else compliments Arcade Fire to learn more details.  [via Pitchfork]