We have the meats”—this undeniable fact has repeatedly been proclaimed by Arby’s proxy Ving Rhames in reference to the bacon, brisket, and various other slabs that grace the fast-food chain’s menu, though any subsequent statements on the quality of said meats are far more dubious. But this carnivore-centric marketing seemingly hides Arby’s secret desire for more vegetarian patrons, as the restaurant chain just announced that it’s expanding its offerings to include vegetarian meals in honor of Leap Day and the meat-eschewing population.

But before the watering of mouths can commence, there’s an amuse bouche that’s not exactly cruelty-free. Arby’s is committing to serving vegetarian meals in observance of the astronomical event, but so far it just sounds like its current slate of sandwiches—e.g., the Beef ’N’ Cheddar, the Reuben Sandwich, etc.—will swap the meats for an extra helping of vegetable toppings, condiments, and cheese. So instead of putting together an appetizing vegetarian option like, say, a Seitan Cordon Bleu sandwich, Arby’s will offer vegetarians a chance to buy condiments and a bun. There are a few salads on the regular menu that can presumably be served meat-less, but Arby’s isn’t exactly straining itself to appeal to what it views as an oft-neglected customer base. But cheer up, vegetarians, because Arby’s will offer this menu again in exactly four years.


Naturally, omnivorous Arby’s fans will still be welcome at the chain on the veg-tastic Leap Day, as meat will remain on the menu albeit as a second banana. Now to figure out how much meat is in Horsey Sauce.

[via Mashable]