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Arbor Labor Union takes to the sea in the video for “Volume Peaks”

(Screenshot from video)

Technically speaking, I Hear You is Arbor Labor Union’s debut in name only. This year saw the band join Sub Pop for the release of I Hear You, and along with that came a name change. Previously, the band was functioning under the name Pinecones, but the Georgia band elected to change it to Arbor Labor Union, a moniker that it felt was a better fit. Today, The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “Volume Peaks,” an eight-minute track from I Hear You that sees the band at the pinnacle of its Lungfish worship. Fittingly, the video sees the band dressing up and frolicking in nature; Arbor Labor Union’s Bo Orr says, “Four elemental entities take human form and instinctively set out in search for one another. Once the merry band is together, they fall deep into a dream of shared vision. They awake again with clear purpose and directive. They set out to attain their grandiose mission.”

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