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Aqua Teen’s Master Shake sounds suspiciously like radio’s Mark Levin

It’s only been about a week or so since Adult Swim aired what was supposedly the final episode of its long-running fast food farce, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and already the program’s fans may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. It is perhaps cold comfort that the alleged denouement was at least the third Aqua Teen installment to be billed as “The Last One.” For those keeping track, there was “The Last One,” which was followed by “The Last One Forever And Ever,” and finally “The Last One Forever And Ever (For Real This Time) (We Fucking Mean It).” Meanwhile, Aqua fans can find solace in a series of clever mashup videos by a YouTube user named Swamp Land, who has taken some classic footage of Master Shake, the show’s pathologically selfish and self-aggrandizing milkshake character, and synced it up perfectly to audio of ultraconservative radio ranter Mark Levin. The combination is fortuitous for a number of reasons. Not only does Levin sound uncannily like Master Shake’s voice actor, Dana Snyder, but both the animated character and the right-wing lawyer share a fondness for shouting, stream-of-consciousness rants. Here, for instance, is “Master Levin” on the topic of Obamacare:

And here is Levin/Shake sounding off on the grand old game of golf and its drug-like hold on our president:

And as for Michelle Obama’s crusade against obesity and unhealthy portion sizes? Well, “Master Levin” certainly has a thing (or eight) to say about that:

When Swamp Land began posting these videos several weeks ago, his aims were modest. “Just trying to raise awareness that right wing dick Mark Levin sounds exactly like Master Shake,” he wrote at the time. But since then, the YouTuber’s rhetoric has become more accusatory: “Why won’t Mark Levin publicly deny being a talking cartoon cup? His ongoing silence amidst increasing evidence raises serious questions.” Meanwhile, it is important to point out that Master Shake videos of this nature are hardly a new phenomenon. Back in May 2014, a YouTuber named WofleBlazen uploaded a video in which the animated milkshake spoke in the dulcet tones of embattled ex-Clippers owner Donald Sterling.


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