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Aqua Teen Hunger Force sued over theme song

Legendary rapper Schooly D and The Cartoon Network (and Time Warner and the Turner Broadcasting System) are being sued over the theme to Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which a man named Terence Yerves claims he co-authored. According to All HipHop, the Philadelphia man claims he and Schooly D wrote the song while working in the Meat Locker studio in 1999. Yerves, a drummer, claims he handled the song's percussion, and though he knew it'd be used for a TV show, he didn't approve its use for Aqua Teen. Interestingly, Yerves didn't file a copyright with the Library Of Congress until May of this year.

And what would copyright lawsuit be without preposterous demands? Yerves wants $150,000 for every time the show aired since he filed the copyright. Oh, and all copies of the DVDs impounded and a cessation of Aqua Teen Hunger Force's broadcast. There's no word whether the injunction demands people's memories of the show be forcibly erased.

A feature film version of Aqua Teen Hunger Force is due in theaters next year.

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